How to Afford Healthy Food on a Small Budget

Many of us would like to have a healthier diet but it can seem like healthy food is only affordable to those that have a really high income. This means that if you are on a low budget then you may feel that you are destined to only being able to afford unhealthy food. However, there are ways that you should be able to have healthier foods without having to spend more money.

Smaller portions

One thing that many of us are doing is just eating too much food. Portion sizes have grown a lot and so we tend to be having more than we need. It is worth checking out the latest guidelines for portion sizes and see whether you are having too much. You may find that you will be able to reduce the amount of food that you are having which could mean that you will be able to reduce your shopping bill generally and this may leave room for adding in some more expensive items.

Cut out Snacks

Snacking between meals is something that we seem to all do but was not something that we did a few decades ago. It is not necessary for us to keep eating all through the day and so by just sticking to three meals a day we will be cutting down on the expense of those snacks. Snacks also often tend to be unhealthy and so if we miss these out we will be being healthier and we will save money.

Ignore superfoods

Superfoods are certain foods which are advertised as being extra good for us because they contain certain nutrients. These tend to be highly marketed and very expensive. It is okay to ignore these though as the price rarely justifies the health claim. If you have a good variety of different foods then you should get all of the nutrients you need without needing an extra big dose form one expensive food.

Swap out expensive items

If you start looking carefully at prices you will find that there are certain food items that are really expensive that you might be able to swap for cheaper alternatives. For example, you might find that meat is one of the most expensive things you buy. Consider using beans or pulses instead for a few meals and you will save a lot of money. If this does not appeal then you may find that vegetarian meat alternatives might be cheaper. You could always just buy half the portion or cut what you buy in half to last two meals rather than one.

Cheaper supermarket

It could be worth comparing the prices of supermarkets and trying out one that is cheaper than your regular one. Of course, you will not want to travel too far to shop and the fuel cost of getting there could be more than the savings you make so make sure that you weigh it up properly. You may find that you do not like the food in one supermarket compared with another so you will need to try them out and see.

Compare prices

It is really important to notice prices and compare them when you are in the supermarket. It can be easy to get carried away and just picking up the things that you always buy without taking notice of how much it actually costs or whether there are cheaper alternatives that could be as good or better. By looking for cheaper items you will save money and this will ensure you have enough to eat healthily.

Reduce food waste

Many of us waste a lot of food and this is costing us money. So be careful when you are tempted to do this. Make sure that you eat the whole loaf of bread or freeze it if it is likely to go off before you use it all. Also freeze left overs rather than throwing them away. Keep a constant check of what is in your fridge and the use by date so that you do not go over by mistake. By not throwing food away unnecessarily you will save money which you can put towards other food.

Cut out take aways, ready meals and eating out

Many of us frequently eat out, order a take away or buy a ready meal. These are all really expensive ways to eat and so just by reducing these you will be saving money. They are also usually unhealthy and have big portion sizes and if you cooked yourself it would be both cheaper and healthier. By cooking more from scratch we can keep the costs down and make the food healthier. We can control how much fat and sugar we put in and also add in extra vegetables if we wish so that the dish is healthier and by making it ourselves we save a lot of money and it need not even take that long.

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